Gandalf and a moth

Nature vs. Industry

The scene where a moth flies over Isengard armories and Saruman`s breeding experiments is a very telling one. It is the first scene where there is an evil brewing and a single string of hope comes in counterbalance. As Goblin Men mix with Orcs, a single moth flies overhead towards Gandalf sitting atop of the Orthanc Tower. He is weak and spent. He catches the moth and whispers instructions of help.

Due to a lack of dialogue in this scene, the composition, therefore, enhances the dynamic of the scene beautifully.

In many instances in the trilogy, there is a contrast of compositions in a single scene. This one begins with a Conan-like industrial-sounding kind of march. As the moth flies closer to Gandalf the music transforms into a single young male voice. It foretells what is to come.

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The two opposing compositions bring a wonderfully dynamic and clarity to the scene. They capture Saruman with his malicious industry and Gandalf on the side of the Angels, at one with Nature. The March of the Ents composition represents the Ents and Nature as a separate entity.

Light, vulnerable and yet hopeful against the cruel, dark, burning hell of the underground.  

How was your experience whilst watching this particular scene?

Featured image by Ana Segota.

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