A destroyed forest

The Last March of the Ents

Professor Tolkien gave the Ents explicit voices, thoughts and a language of their own. It is an exaggerated representation of what occurs in nature. The trees may not walk and talk, as they do in Tolkien`s writings, but they communicate in their own way nevertheless. Just because we can`t see it, does not mean it doesn`t exist.

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Hand pointing to the sun

The Battle of Helm`s Deep

We are easily influenced by other people`s positivity. If we are in a bad mood, and someone who is having a good day engages us in a conversation, odds are we will become more positive. Even if the person does not engage us directly, a positive aura that surrounds that person becomes a force that influences all those surrounding it. 

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Oncoming storm

Saruman`s Army Approaches

To flee and hide does not grant safety. It only brings a false sense of security. The anticipation of the enemy`s next move stirs the fragile safety. We can run and hide from many different situations, feelings, thoughts, but that doesn`t mean they would not catch up with us. Facing something, however terrifying, eliminates the feelings of dread that haunt us if we don`t.

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Cave with a single light

The Forbidden Pool

Betrayal and torture, not complete unknowns to Sméagol. Before Frodo ever set off on his perilous journey, Gollum was captured and tortured for information about the whereabouts of the Ring, hence the whipping scars on his back. It only follows the logic that he should be careful and suspicious of any company besides his “master`s”.

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