The concert

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit – Live in Concert

It is difficult to describe or indeed specify the feelings that emerge when listening to music. It is an uncontrollable part of ourselves that lets the music touch every little piece of us. Whether they are old wounds in need of healing or simply a sense of joy, the overall encompassment into the life of a composition is inevitable.

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Iron chariot

Conquering Orcs

The tide of the battle has turned. Not because the Dwarves’, Elves’ or Men’s forces have somehow doubled, but because the Dwarves of Erebor have joined the fight. The atmosphere and the moral of the troops already on the battlefield has gained in determination and will. The Dwarves have rallied to the king, thereby pushing the Orc frontlines back.

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Man in darkness

Turn of the Tide

The way Thorin’s acute mental state plays out is that these voices snap him out of the reality he has been living in. In a moment of relief and sudden emergence from his diseased state of mind, Thorin throws the hard-won crown from his head onto the golden covered floor of the Gallery of Kings. He can breathe the free air again, air that has escaped his lungs that have filled with the smell and influence of the dragon and its sickness. 

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