The Battle of the Five Armies Begins

Elves and Dwarves are no longer the only armies on the field before the gates of Erebor. What Gandalf had seen and the army about which he warned Thranduil and Bard has now come, with their leader, Azog, on Ravenhill instructing its every move. There is now no time and space to fight out their old grievances, Dwarves and Elves must unite against a common enemy. 

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The Opening Confrontation

Just as Thorin was deliberating what to do in this blackmail situation, the joyous sound of marching Dwarves reaches his ears. His hopes and wishes had come to fruition, for his cousin is here with his army to help in settling the situation, or rather aggravating it even more. The Dwarves of Erebor are no longer alone. 

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Fair Settlement

The dawn of a new day has broken, the day of great significance, will Dwarves, Elves and Men come to an agreement or will the day end in war. It all now lies in the hands of a mad, stubborn, dragon-sickness stricken King Under the Mountain. The Arkenstone will be used as compensation for the share of the treasure that is owed to both races, or will it?

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War is Coming

While the Dwarves arm themselves with the armor of their ancestors, the Men of Lake-town prepare for war by practicing sword fighting in the square before the Great Hall. Amongst them hurries Gandalf on his way to meet and warn Bard about the army of Orcs which he has seen pouring out of Dol Guldur while he was caged above ground awaiting his own death. 

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At the Gates of Erebor

Bard takes a leap of faith and rides towards Erebor to attempt a conversation and a compromise with Thorin, so as to deter the Elven King Thranduil from attacking the Dwarves. No matter how much destruction and death the Dwarves’ waking of the dragon may have caused his people, Bard still believes in Thorin’s keeping of his promise. 

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The wall

Of Cooperation and Reasoning

The mention of people of Lake-town swarming into Dale has driven Thorin to action, enraged defensive action. All Dwarves are called to the gate of Erebor to participate in building a wall thereby securing their lives, or more importantly, the treasure hoard within the mountain. They are able to defend themselves against all manner of foes, we have seen that. However, they need a solid structure to keep intruders out of the way of their gold. 

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In the Halls of Erebor

Galadriel has banished Sauron and his nine servants to the East, leaving her to convalesce in Lothlórien. Saruman, promising to deal with Sauron alone, we can assume made his way into the East where he began his negotiations with the rising force of evil in order to help it spread as well as provide him with the possibility of ruling alongside it. 

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