Wooden house

Radagast the Brown

One of the uncomfortable aspects of a journey of this kind is being at the mercy of the weather conditions. It is all nice and beautiful when the weather is dry and warm but when it rains, it makes the journey miserable. Whatever joyful spirit accompanied the company when it rains on them for a good amount of time and water, it certainly dampens the atmosphere. Although it technically provides them with a shower on the spot, the lowered temperature of the air after the rain assures their bodies with cold. To warm themselves they need to rest and eat something cooked. 

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man running

Life-changing Decision

The song had been sung, the food eaten and rest had been had. The Dwarves’ only chance for a burglar has been lost. They can now only rely on each other. The burglar fell asleep some time after the song had been heard. He has stayed in his room ever since he rejected Gandalf’s proposition. And now he wakes in his bed, slowly opening both of his eyes to his new reality. The day before may have only been a dream, a bad dream but still something he might have only imagined. As his mind catches up to the new day and the guests of the day before, he rises from his bed to establish the parameters of his new reality. 

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Heart To Heart

With a little help from not his friends, Bilbo fell onto the floor of his very own Hobbit hole. The possibility of a quest that ends with a dragon, a dragon he has to face himself, is more than he can take. The panic of the mere thought of being killed by a dragon leaves him short of breath and falling to the floor. Bofur in his infinite wisdom has opted to describe to him exactly what kind of death awaits him, without holding anything back. Oddly enough, no one suggested for Bofur to stop. They all probably wanted to see what kind of reaction this information would trigger in Bilbo.

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Deed of contract

Becoming a Burglar

Bilbo is to be a burglar in this company’s great venture. Not only he himself knows this not to be the right decision for him or the occupation, but the Dwarves see him as more of a liability than a strength. From what they witnessed while rummaging through his home, they could only deduce that he is more concerned about the state of his home and his possessions than the truth of the situation. Bilbo might probably agree with this assessment of theirs, as he is the proud owner of all his possessions and makes a point of telling others how old they are and who they belonged to. 

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The key

Dwarves of the Square Table

Would you brave the unknown to reclaim your homeland? Would you willingly enter a dragon’s den to rebuild a life that no longer exists? The Dwarves that inhabited Erebor, those who have survived the wrath of the dragon, are scattered over the seven kingdoms. They have built their lives away from their home, as best as they could. Another generation had been born in this new life that may never come to live in Erebor. Hindrances lie before them they don’t even know about, and when they reach their destination, a dragon will lie in wait. 

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Thorin Oakenshield

The Last Dwarf

Another doorbell rings. This was the Dwarf Gandalf was missing. This is the Dwarf that unites them all. Although he is expected to attend, the mere action of the doorbell ring tightens the loose atmosphere in Bilbo’s home. All the Dwarves were laughing and entertaining themselves as they tidied up the mess they had made. They came together as a unit, an organized band of Dwarves who not only provided themselves with the food they consumed but who also made a point of straightening up after themselves.

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Meet the Dwarves

Loss of control over the goings on in one’s own house is a frustrating thing. This can occur when a relative visits, or any member of the extended family, who is not familiar with the house etiquette or has the appropriate manners and respect. This can be tolerated to a certain point, knowing that at some point they are going to leave. So, we make the most of the time spent together and look forward to the day that our homely kingdom will belong to us again. 

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Bilbo at home

An Unexpected Party

It was supposed to be a quiet night, Bilbo alone with his fish dinner enjoying his life the way he always has. The smile on his face tells us not only of his long habit of dining alone but also of his enjoyment of the activity. There is no family to annoy him, no children with whom he would share his meal, no Frodo yet either. And there he was, minding his own business, preparing to eat his own dinner in peace, when fate intervened.

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Bilbo and Gandalf

The Fateful Encounter

Not much has changed in the habit of the Hobbit in the last 60 years. He still enjoys his pipe on the bench in his garden overlooking Hobbiton. Bilbo has known and nurtured lovingly the pleasure of home and the feeling of comfort. As a small child, Bilbo had no restraints in expressing his want of adventure. With a sword in his hand and a smile on his face, he was slaying dragons left and right. An adventurous spirit had been bestowed upon him.

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