Merry and Pippin

Merry and Pippin – The Comedy Twins

Merry and Pippin, the two rascals of the trilogy. They have daily adventures fooling around with Gandalf’s fireworks, stealing fruit and vegetables from farmer Maggot. Not because they really need it, but for some bit of fun. Their own little adventures.

They are very aware of what time of day it is, because of the meals that are to be prepared accordingly. So then we have breakfast, then second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper. The main thing is to eat, and they adhere strictly to that schedule, which is why Pippin gets all bent out of shape when Aragorn doesn`t pause for them to eat their second breakfast while wandering the Wild.

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Merry is the mastermind of the two. He is very quick on his feet, ever with a ready solution to a problem. Pippin is more of a troublemaker, not intentionally of course. He has this childish curiosity for all things foreign, which he indulges without thinking twice.

They bring the necessary lightness to the whole story, otherwise, it would be quite a dark and serious telling. Their characters and their ensuing separate missions are not only of great use to the task at hand but serve as a comedic counterpart to the main story.

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