Bilbo and the Ring

Bilbo’s Alternate Personality

It’s incredible how fast Bilbo’s behavior changes when he eyes the Ring around Frodo’s neck. It’s as if a completely different part of him had been activated and could only focus on the Ring. The loving, giving and altruistic part all gone, because of this little golden piece of jewelry. The possessive nature that the Ring brings out in Bilbo, is an extremely powerful feeling.

Bilbo resembles Gollum very much in this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment. However, Bilbo is still manageable. He can still control himself around it. He hates himself for it and wants the Ring for himself at the same time. It is a curious thing that Bilbo should react in this manner, not having possessed the Ring for a while now. This reaction is worse than anything he experienced while carrying the Ring himself. The hold the Ring has over its bearers is a long-lasting one.

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Frodo’s eyes show a look of terror of what this Ring is capable of doing. He fears for himself and is baffled by the behavior of his uncle. The fact that the Ring would change his uncle`s behavior in this drastic manner, gives Frodo a pause. He might be on his way of experiencing the same himself. Having his own caretaker burst out and almost attack him, is beyond his comprehension.

Did this scene catch you off guard when you were watching it for the first time? Did it make you jump in your seat?

Featured image by Ana Segota.

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