Frodo at Parth Galen

The Road Goes Ever On

There is always a point in life where you bare yourself, bare your soul, exposing it to everyone. This point comes always when the mind is troubled, overburdened, and seeking to save itself from exploding.

People tend to accumulate and hide emotions so as not to become vulnerable in front of others. This is seen as a flaw, a weakness. What if your emotional world spun out of control and every emotion you`ve hidden ran free? What would that be like?

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Farewell to Lothlórien

Of Choice and Prejudice

The Fellowship begins to break apart. Lothlórien could have been a turning point. It could have strengthened their bond through their mutual loss and bring their musings to a more peaceful place, but instead, it divided them even further.

As the Fellowship is leaving this blessed realm, the Elves present them with gifts of which they could make good use on their journey. Gimli`s gift, however, cannot match even the sharpest blade of the Elves. His interaction with Lady Galadriel is a special one.

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The Fellowship

The Emotional Culmination of the Fellowship

How do you cope with loss? Do you let your emotions run free and uninhibited or do you shield yourself from feeling any pain by remaining in control of yourself? Both ways are on display as the Fellowship exit Moria.

Although out of danger, for the time being, the emotional toll takes center stage. Tears stream down Hobbits` faces, Gimli expresses anger trying to break out of Boromir`s arms, while Boromir`s own grief leads him to comfort not only Gimli but the Hobbits as well.

Legolas` eyes unravel deep sadness and Aragorn presses the Fellowship to move on before nightfall. Aragorn`s own pain presents itself as his look lingers after Gandalf has fallen. His is the expression of disbelief.

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Aragorn and Arwen

Aragorn and Arwen – a Love Story for the Ages

A rugged Ranger he seems to be, unknown to most inhabitants of Bree. Everyone appears to be respectful around him, letting him be, sitting there in the corner of the Prancing Pony. Right away we get a sense of uncertainty about this particular character, leaning perhaps towards him being after the Ring, given the way he stares at Frodo.

However, after the first fright, he becomes the little company`s guide through the Wild. He takes upon himself to help them along on their journey.  

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Chess pieces in conflict

Boromir of Gondor – a Character Unraveled

In the Council scene, there is one other threat that starts to loom. Boromir is the only one who sees the Ring as something positive, something that could be used against the enemy. He is clearly unaware of the power the Ring possesses and the only Master it answers to. Like a moth to a flame, the Ring draws him in.

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Nine Companions

Of Men, Dwarves, Elves, a Hobbit and a Wizard

A light, brighter than the Sun, pure, almost godlike with only a musical female voice introducing it with elegance and enlightenment – Arwen. This beautiful white light is seen through Frodo’s eyes, the same ones that are passing into shadow. As his surroundings grow dark, his eyes perceive her as a beacon of much-needed brightness. Through Arwen, her being, her manner, and her beauty, we are introduced to the Elves of Rivendell.

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Man with a ring of fire

Frodo and the Power of the Ring

An incident occurs – a life forever changed. In one excruciating moment, the inner light turns dim. The events that happen in our lives maybe for our benefit or our impediment. Frodo has faced an almost insurmountable obstacle and has surpassed it with the healing powers of Lord Elrond. But how has this event influenced him?

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A lonely tree

The Workings of the Inner World

The inner world is an individual’s own personal view of the world. It is most often different than that of any other individual, which in turn makes them unique. My own context is a story that began since birth and has been influenced and shaped by the experiences and knowledge I gained through the years.

Because of this context, my behavior is subject to automatized behavioral patterns that shape me as an individual. Underneath my behavior lie emotions. They are the reason why I behave the way I do. It all begins with them. Happy, sad, jealous, hurt, frightened – whatever the emotion is, it stirs the rest of the body into action.

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The void

The Void of Middle-Earth

There exists a parallel world to the known reality of Middle-Earth. Within it a great evil festers, waiting patiently to ensnare another carrier of its world`s portal, the Ring. This reality is a much more “members only” zone, where few enter and remain sane to tell the tale.

The power of this dark world gathers all evil to it and corrupts susceptible characters to its will. None are important only the Lord of the Ring himself, everyone else is a simple pawn in his chess game. Corrupting Peoples is not all that hard, as it turns out. They all only strive to gain power. So, the take-over formula is to simply promise a share of the power or, even better, manipulate to a point of disease and disarm.

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