Wounded soldier

Stranded in Lake-Town

As the Dwarves board the boats, the town musicians play for their send off as well as for their Master who has come to oversee it personally. In the line of musicians beneath the Master’s podium, there are two cameos: one of Alan Lee and one of John Howe, the two concept artists on both trilogies. It was their time to suit up as Lake-town musicians and be part of the world their pencils created. 

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Welcome! Welcome!

The people of Lake-town have heard the prophecy of Durin’s folk. When they saw the Dwarves move through their streets they could see that the prophecy is on its way to fulfillment. From that, they began to hope that their current state of poverty would be changed once the King Under the Mountain had reached his homeland. And now, standing before the Master of Lake-town, Thorin has promised them a share in the treasure of the Lonely Mountain. 

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Carpet shop

The Prophecy

The sight of the Lonely Mountain in the distance jogs Bard’s dormant memory of the name Thorin. Since it has been decades that the mountain has been unoccupied by Dwarves, and the name of Durin long bereft of importance in these parts, it is no wonder a bargeman could not instantly link the name of the Dwarf in his home with the one of legend. With surprise and fear, and out of breath, Bard rushes into the tapestry shop in the market. 

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Bowman statue

The Day the Dragon Came

Bard is not just an ordinary smuggler. Well, to be honest, he is not a smuggler at all, but a man who is willing to risk his own life and freedom for the chance to help the Dwarves cross the Long Lake. Even with spies surrounding his usual routes and his home, he is able to sneak the Dwarves into his home, welcoming them into the privacy of his own dwelling, so as to keep them from being discovered.

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Old market

Guards, Watchmen, and a Toilet

The Dwarves have finally reached Lake-town, a little cold, a little smelly, a little frustrated, but all in all safe. Whatever their escape route now is they need to follow Bard in order to remain as inconspicuous as possible. It would not bode well for Bard to be seen smuggling Dwarves, given his reputation with the Master. Nevertheless, upon risk for his own life, he takes these Dwarves into his custody.

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The World of Men

The Dwarves have boarded the barge. Bard has taken on the risk of his life and his livelihood to help the Dwarves cross the lake by way of Lake-town. An impenetrable fog lies over the lake making it impossible for the Dwarves or Bard to navigate clearly and safely through it. The fog also gives an atmosphere of mystery, sailing into the unknown as it were. The world of Men and their kingdoms on land differ greatly from the town they are about to enter. 

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After having helped the Dwarves escape their lands by protecting them from Orcs, Tauriel and Legolas return to their kingdom in order to interrogate the one Orc they left alive for just this purpose. It is important for them to know why this particular Orc pack was following the company. On the surface of it all, it does not make much sense to them.

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