Coronation of King Elessar

The evil that plagued every inhabitant of Middle-Earth has at long last been defeated. Through its reign, the peoples of Middle-Earth came under attack as did their lands. The will of the people of Rohan and Gondor had been crushed to the point of no hope for a different future. The Lords and Stewards and Kings were out of their depth as to how to proceed. Whilst Rohan tried to save its people from slaughter, Gondor remained silent and withdrawn, fighting a battle on their own fronts. 

Uniting under one banner

It would seem that Mankind has taken upon itself to exclude their realms and leave others to their own fate. There existed a great divide between not only Mankind itself but between other races as well. The agelong dispute between Elves and Dwarves still scarred them deeply, leaving no room for any kind of improvement. The races of Middle-Earth seem to have come to a point in which there was no sense of empathy or sympathy for one another. They were all fighting amongst themselves and the enemy.

There was a need to take a step back and observe the situation as a whole, rather than only dealing with those in one’s own race; to unify the peoples of Middle-Earth under one banner and direct them to a better path. This need was filled by someone who was only a rumor, a legend, someone who roamed the realms incognito out of fear of facing his own destiny. It was Aragorn. 

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The journey of Aragorn

Aragorn, a Ranger from the North, made it his duty to roam the realms of Middle-Earth, providing a helping hand where need be but remaining always in the shadows. He was never one for exposure of his true identity or of anyone treating him differently because of it. He was there to serve those who needed help and provide guidance for those who struggled with it.

As is his character, he was the first Fellow when the Fellowship was forming. He swore to protect Frodo by his life or death. It was painfully obvious that all he wanted was to do his duty and help a Hobbit through his impossible journey. When Gandalf fell in the Mines of Moria, Aragorn, although in great pain himself, took over leadership until it broke near Amon hen. 

Even though he knew he could not help Frodo any more than he already had, he continued his journey with Gimli and Legolas to help rescue Merry and Pippin from the grip of the enemy. His confidence became palpable as he led King Théoden to victory at Helm’s Deep. At that point in time, his true character shone through. His Ranger personality morphed into a focused, determined, and unyielding personality, that of a true warrior. 

His mind was set on helping the people of Rohan, caring about their women and children, sacrificing himself to do as much good as he could. 

As the beacons were lit, Aragorn claimed his birthright before the army of the Dead, upon whose help both Gondor and Rohan depended. It was an incredibly cathartic experience for him to finally break free of all his inner walls that held his rightful place in the world hidden. He stood behind his own right, claiming it and thereby motivating the army of the Dead to participate in the battle of the Pelennor fields.

A personal triumph for Aragorn. However soaring his confidence may have been, and his birthright accepted, he was still a humble servant to those in need. His healing hands over Éowyn proved to the inhabitants of Minas Tirith once and for all their rightful King had come. 

Even with his throne all ready and waiting for him, he took another route. He still stood to that which he had promised Frodo. His diversion at the Black Gate was the perfect plan to aid Frodo and Sam in their journey.

Building blocks

All of his accomplishments during his journey were character building blocks. They enabled him to embrace his birthright and become the rightful King of Gondor. However, Aragorn is far from being a quintessential King. Because of his compassion and sympathy toward all other inhabitants of Middle-Earth, he has become a much wiser and caring King.

Some would take their titles and lock themselves in their great halls. Aragorn takes to his duties as he had whilst being a Ranger. In many ways, he still remains a Ranger, a servant to his people. A leader who will assist his people in rebuilding not only their own realm but the whole of Middle-Earth. 

Hail King Aragorn

Atop Minas Tirith, on the courtyard, the Tree of Gondor is in bloom, surrounded by the inhabitants of its Citadel. In front of the door to the Great Hall, Gandalf places a crown on Aragorn’s head. 

Now come the days of the king. May they be blessed.


With a slight smile and somewhat nervous, Aragorn turns to address the crowd. 

This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world… that we may share in the days of peace.


People cheer at these wise and uplifting words of their newly crowned King. As the applause calms, a calming but ethereal melody escapes Aragorn’s lips.

Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien.                
Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar                
tenn' Ambar-metta!                 

Out of the Great Sea to Middle-Earth I am come.
In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the
ending of the world!

Text by J.R.R. Tolkien


As Aragorn walks through the crowd of people, Faramir and Éowyn, King Éomer, and lastly Legolas greet him. Aragorn and Legolas place their hands on each other’s shoulders, much as they had before the battle of Helm’s Deep. This greeting is as much a sign of the bond of friendship as it is of gratitude and acknowledgment for all they went through. 

Hannon le. (Thank you.)


Love reunited

With a slight tip of the head, Legolas points Aragorn’s eyes toward the flag behind him. Aragorn looks somewhat confused at the flag-carrier, not being able to recognize the person holding it upright. The flag-carrier removes the flag, slowly revealing herself. Arwen. Her glance is that of respect and humility toward the newly-crowned King.

He stands looking at her in amazement. Here she is, the love of his life, standing in front of him. All the fear that had permeated his heart and his dreams have now dissipated. She moves gracefully towards Aragorn. His eyes still incredulously looking upon her as she moves. She approaches him and he takes her into his arms and kisses her forcefully. 

The pain both of them had felt in this time of separation and uncertainty has now turned into happiness. 

Heroes for the new age

Aragorn and Arwen come to where Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo are standing. They bow to him awkwardly. 

My friends! You bow to no one.


The King’s bow in their honor relieves their awkwardness. And as Aragorn bows so does the rest of the courtyard. 

This is a scene of a great emotional impact on anyone watching. It is a testimony to the Fellowship that all of them formed.

They have achieved that which even the Elves deemed to be folly. The smallest people in the world did change the course of the future. For their courage, they will always be thought of as friends to the King of Gondor and as heroes to one and all. 

What happens with the Hobbits when they return to the Shire, read on in my next post. 

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