Forest edge

…And Into the Fire!

Bilbo has reappeared, said his peace and now they are all finally on the same page. What they want is not the gold, or the treasure hidden inside the Lonely Mountain, they want a place they can call home, a place they could belong to. Thorin may have done everything in his power to provide for his people after the exile, however, the feeling of home they all long for he couldn’t emulate. They couldn’t find their place in the world of Men where they labored, for that is not their world. 

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Man behind tree

Out of the Frying Pan…

Finally, the company, and Bilbo, are free and clear of that horrid place in the mountain: the Dwarves because they were able to escape with their lives intact from the Great Goblin and the persecution of his minions after his death, and Bilbo who managed to escape capture and violent death by Gollum. Now that they have the safety of daylight on their side they can take a breath, regroup and continue on with their quest. 

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Bilbo and Gollum

Riddles in the Dark – Part Two

As incredible as it may appear to Bilbo, Gollum’s change of attitude when games are mentioned throw their assailant/victim dynamic completely off. All of a sudden, Gollum’s hunger for Bilbo is non-existent, his thoughts are completely diverted and preoccupied with the mention of games. This wasn’t even Bilbo’s intention but rather a happy coincidence, given what his alternative was. 

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Gollum and Bilbo

Riddles in the Dark – Part One

While the Dwarves fear for their lives on a higher level of this enormous cavernous space, on the ground floor, Bilbo is facing the same. After having been attacked by a stray Goblin and falling into the chasm, he now finds himself amidst unknown vegetation that saved him from fatal injury whilst falling. He, along with his assailant are lying on the ground incapacitated. 

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Mountain cave


As sand falls through the crack in the ground and Thorin alarms everyone to wake up, the time to escape their fate is already gone. They fall through the shaft two or three at a time and continue circling in a downward spiral toward a landing place they couldn’t have foreseen. What waits for them at the end of their journey is a vicious attack of the Goblins.

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Mountain cave

Cave in the Mountain

Facing death hanging by one hand over a ledge of a mountain that had just come to life must have been an experience Bilbo wasn’t ready for. How could he be? Stone giants throwing boulders at each other, headbutting one another…complete mayhem. It was an unbelievable event to witness, a legend coming true. As the Dwarves saw Bilbo holding onto the ledge, they made an effort to return him to safety. 

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