Bag End

Return to the Shire

And here we are. We have reached the end of the quest for the destruction of the Ring. The only thing left to do is to piece a new life together; to live a new reality. The old one, before there was ever a quest in question, is now all but gone. The four Hobbits can be proud of themselves for saving their beloved Shire and the rest of Middle-Earth. It is an achievement that will last them their whole lives. They now need to adapt to their community anew, pick up where they have left off. Would it be as simple as it sounds?

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Coronation of King Elessar

The evil that plagued every inhabitant of Middle-Earth has at long last been defeated. Through its reign, the peoples of Middle-Earth came under attack as did their lands. The will of the people of Rohan and Gondor had been crushed to the point of no hope for a different future. The Lords and Stewards and Kings were out of their depth as to how to proceed. Whilst Rohan tried to save its people from slaughter, Gondor remained silent and withdrawn, fighting a battle on their own fronts. 

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Erupting volcano

Sauron’s Defeat

With tears in his eyes, Sam imperatively instructs Frodo to reach for his hand. Frodo’s silent deliberation has now turned into determination. He reaches up and grabs Sam’s hand. Frodo could not have saved Gollum, no matter how much he wanted to. And although Gollum was living proof there is no going back, Frodo still holds on to the hope of recuperation from all of this. He has not given up on himself. As opposed to Gollum, Frodo’s self-preservation skills are still operative in the face of hopelessness. 

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Dance of joy

The Final Struggle

While the Eye of Sauron is fixed upon the battle at the Black Gate, Frodo and Sam are in the clear. The distraction has escalated into a full-blown battle, with the Mordor Orcs tightening the noose around the necks of the remaining soldiers of Mankind. As if they haven’t had enough trouble, the Nazgûl descend. The Men didn’t ride out to meet their enemy with any thought of victory. However, the coming of fell-beasts brings additional concern to an already losing fight. 

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Volcano crater

Before the Cracks of Doom

Frodo’s strength has failed him, he cannot fend or even move. The physical strain this quest has had on his ill-nourished body leaves him collapsed, clawing for breath. He now exists in the Void, fully unaware of his surroundings, seeing, hearing and sensing the presence of Sauron. Even the state of his inner world is second to that of his physical body. 

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The Tale of Two Heroes

The negotiations with the Mouth of Sauron had been cut short. Aragorn did not take his word for the death of Frodo. There is still a belief that he is alive and struggling to climb the slopes of Orodrúin in an attempt to destroy the Ring. As long as hope is alive, Aragorn will do his darndest to help his little friend. 

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Black gate

The Mouth of Sauron

A barren wasteland, ashy, grey and uninviting with its Black Gate sealing it off from the rest of Middle-Earth. The last time we saw Mordor’s Gate was with Sam, Frodo, and Gollum. Although unwelcoming, Frodo’s desire to accomplish his mission by entering said land overcame his instinctive fear of this place. As the Gate closed on him, there was a certain sense of this being his last chance of entering Mordor.

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