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Siege of Gondor – Part 1

Faramir’s sacrifice for his country has brought death upon him and the rest of his garrison. They never stood a chance against the now Orc infested Osgiliath. To overtake it was a decision of a madman, of Denethor. Now that it is done and come to naught, the last able-bodied men willing to protect the city are gone.

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Campsite at night

Gathering at Dunharrow

The call for help has been answered. Warriors of neighboring lands have come to support Gondor in their hour of need. There is much to be done and many who have awaited King Theóden’s arrival at the encampment. The Rohirrim, led by its King, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli at the forefront, survey the summoned army at Dunharrow.

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Man alone in the fog

Breaking Up the Trio

Even in these dark places, when all their strength has drained from their bodies, Sam still keeps a close eye on Gollum. He is determined to not give him a moment’s peace. His eyes are always watching him, assessing his behavior, tensing over his every movement around Frodo. But it is not only Frodo, he worries about. Sam’s own safety is also at stake. Since there has been no truce between the two characters, despite Sam’s threats, he can only stay on constant alert and fear for his life. 

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An initiation ceremony, purely superficial and utterly in compliance with Denethor’s ego. He could have left it as it was, in their first meeting when Pippin offered his services. Or Denethor could have made it a bit more casual like King Théoden, as Merry offered his sword to him. However, it would appear that Denethor tends to think very highly of himself, above all else, he stands on ceremony. 

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