Feet chained

A Moment of Clarity

For all the charges and breaches of gates that have taken place in Gondor, Frodo finds himself lying alone in a tower. He does not know what brought him here, how he ended up there or why his clothes are missing. As he wakes from Shelob’s stinger stupor, he is overtaken by panic and fear. What else could he possibly feel? Alone, almost naked in an unwelcoming place with his hands tied. That he managed to keep his composure as he awoke is an incredible achievement.

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Fallen knight

The Two Crescendos

The Orcs have taken the city of Minas Tirith, almost all seven levels. The fields of Pelennor are scattered with Rohan casualties as well as that of the enemy. Their struggle continues. This is, however, small comfort for the remaining soldiers of the Citadel. They stand behind the doors of the penultimate level, their spears askew towards the entrance.

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Man with open arms

Death of Denethor

In an almost delirious state of mind and body, Denethor pours a pitcher of oil over his face. This simple and subtle ritual comes off as a kind of absolution of sins in a way. He may be cleansing his soul of all that he had done wrong, which would, in turn, mean that he has recognized and accepted his mistakes such as they are. Alternatively, he may just be finding peace in knowing that he is about to be put to death. It must be a calming and soothing sensation.

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Preparing the Pyre

Denethor’s plan of executing himself and his only living heir has come to its final stage. His madness has grabbed hold of his thoughts as well as his actions, and nothing will deter him from his goal. His guards do not hesitate in building the pyre in which both Denethor and Faramir will burn. They will be burning the only current ruler of their realm as well as his only son and heir. As they place Faramir’s body on the platform, an almost inaudible sound escapes his lips.

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