The void

The Void of Middle-Earth

There exists a parallel world to the known reality of Middle-Earth. Within it a great evil festers, waiting patiently to ensnare another carrier of its world`s portal, the Ring. This reality is a much more “members only” zone, where few enter and remain sane to tell the tale.

The power of this dark world gathers all evil to it and corrupts susceptible characters to its will. None are important only the Lord of the Ring himself, everyone else is a simple pawn in his chess game. Corrupting Peoples is not all that hard, as it turns out. They all only strive to gain power. So, the take-over formula is to simply promise a share of the power or, even better, manipulate to a point of disease and disarm.

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The one ring

The One Ring

A simple wedding band it appears to be, unadorned, round, plain. Its main inspiration was the wedding ring of Rick Porras. He was in love with its shape and recommended it to be the One Ring. Ever since then, it has been celebrated in many different ways, from jewelry to screensavers. Hell, I even have one dangling on a chain against a Tolkien calendar. It has penetrated into the mainstream consciousness. But with all of its popularity, it is one of the most complex items put on screen. How does one bring a normally inanimate object to life? How does one impress upon the viewer the power of this golden band?

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Middle Earth Diary

Bilbo’s Own Reality: a Middle-Earth Diary

When the reality one lives in becomes unbearable, or one is simply fed up with having to play a certain role in it, the mind tries to escape it. It focuses all its energy on more delightful and perhaps fictional surroundings, enabling a life one can`t wait to live.

This behavior can be damaging, not only for oneself but for others as well. The more one is absorbed in this particular reality, the more the non-fictional reality becomes a nuisance. Others are given a place on the sidelines and treated as outsiders, and even enemies, trying to penetrate this “fictional” reality. One feels misunderstood and therefore reduces communication to its bare minimum.

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NZ Mountains

Friendship and Sanctity of Home in Middle-Earth

Friendship and the importance of home are two monumental pillars in both Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. One could say, it is the basis of the two stories.

A close friendship between two Hobbits is equally important as an alliance between two races. Both influence each other in a myriad of ways, always with a goal of growth and purpose. If one falls, the other is there to lend a helping hand.

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